smart automatic visitor machine

Dual screen15.6+12.1inch Witness verification machine ,Multifunctional Touch Automatic Visitor


   Personal ID Unit is a facial recognition and identification machine. It is a facial acquisition system and verification equipment. It reads the second generation resident ID card through recognition, and compares it with the face photo data collected on the spot and the ID card image read. It verifies whether the verification document is identical with the user and the software device verifies the user's real identity. Effectively verify the authenticity of personnel identity.
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》Optional configuration: ID card reader, fingerprint reader, scanner window, built-in printer, human body sensing (3-5 meters)
》The Ministry of Public Security authorizes local ID card reader and network ID card reader
》Extensible: 58mm printer/two-dimensional code scanning window/binocular camera/fingerprint recognition/Bluetooth 4G module
》Unique Private Model Design
》Online ID Reader/Local ID Reader Optional
》Android/Windows System Operations Optional
》High Performance RK3288 Quad Core A17@1.8GHz Chip
》10-Point Capacitance Touch Screen
》Android/Windows System Operations Optional
》"OEM/ODM customization